Park City, UT

3 days / 6 talks
Current Issues in Spine

February 2-4, 2017
The De Angelis Group

Drue De Angelis

Managing Partner at The De Angelis Group and Co-Founder of Ortho Spine Companies.

Drue has been helping orthopedic companies overcome challenges since starting the firm in 2000. Direct orthopedic industry experience informs Drue’s perspective on who is best suited to take companies to the next level. A father of four, Drue strives to live a life of integrity and commitment to excellence.

Prior to starting TDG, Drue was at Zimmer for 10 years as a Multiple President’s Club Achieving Sales Representative before being recruited by Stryker as Branch Manager of the Arizona Branch where he built an award winning team in Reconstruction, Trauma & Spine.



Chief Commercial Officer – Sports Med Company
WW President – Spine Implant Company
VP Sales US – Spine Company
VP Sales & Marketing – Spine Company
COO – Orthopedic Contract Manufacturing Company
EVP Sales & Marketing – Spine Company
President/COO – Spine Company
VP Sales US – Spine Company
VP R&D – Spine Company
General Manager – Foot & Ankle Company
Business Development Manager – Ortho/Recon
SVP Engineering – Robotic Prosthetic Company
President & CEO – Extremities Company
Director – Board of Directors, Extremities Company
SVP Sales, World Wide Spine Company
VP Sales & Marketing – Spine Company
Chairman – Board of Directors
VP Sales Extremities Start Up.
VP Sales $360mm Surgical Instrument Company
VP Sales Extremities Start up Company
VP Sales $250mm Orthopedic Trauma Company
VP Sales & Marketing Patient Safety Solutions
VP Sales Sports Medicine Start-up
CEO – Osteobiologic Company
VP Sales $190MM Spine Company
VP Sales & Marketing – Orthopedic Trauma Company, Start-up
CEO – Orthopedic Design & Development Company
CEO – Orthopedic Rehabilitation Device Company



tdg-logoFounded in 2000 with one thing in mind; driving enterprise value for Orthopedic Start-up companies. The DeAngelis Group works with many of the most innovative and exciting new companies in the early stages of development to build a Talented Leadership Team.

Whether your company is new to the space or you require a turn-around, our consultants first gain a solid grasp of the deliverables and the specific experience that the leader will require and then conduct the search effectively and timely. Our network in Orthopedics is vast and qualitative. We have developed algorithms to evaluate who best fits in the start-up environment and who can develop and execute a strategic plan achieving sustainable growth.

OSP-H-COLOR-300DPI-RGB-copyA professional consulting firm designed to help guide companies through a series of challenges while avoiding potential pitfalls that plague many early stage growth organizations. Our partners can help you from raising commercialization funding through an exit.

Key areas of focus are:
> Help surgeons bring product ideas to market while mitigating start-up costs
> Find, qualify and screen distributors
> Expedite the Hospital Approval process
> Maximize engagement with distributors in the early stages of the relationship

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osdWe have developed a searchable database to help manufacturers and distributors to find each other. This is one of the most challenging elements of building an early stage company.

Finding good distribution partners is the most challenging task ahead of you. Our database has contact information to over 2,700 independent sales reps and distributor principals that are just a click away. help distributors establish a scalable infrastructure in their businesses, we have developed (with the help of seasoned distributors) a software solution that allows you to grab ahold of your business.

Schedule surgeries, keep digital history files on each case, understand where your reps are spending their time and use our analytics to have a firm grasp on your trends. is a simple and easy to use program that will change your business.


Selby Spine

The Selby Spine Conference is designed for surgeons with a special interest in the treatment of spinal disorders. The latest advances and controversies in the field will be presented through didactic lectures, open discussions, debates and case presentations. Selby Spine grew out of the Keystone Meeting that Dr. David Selby began in Keystone, Colorado in 1986.



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Brand and business strategy is there to define where brands need to go. And since the world is on fire, that’s a whole lot of fun.

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