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5 Reasons the 3rd Ortho Value-Based Care Conference Will Be the Best Event You Attend in 2019

December 26, 2018 by OrthoSpineNews

12-26-2018 / Kain, Zeev

I’m excited to announce the 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference on Orthopedic Value based Care taking place on January 18-20, 2018 in beautiful Newport Beach, California. We’ve planned this conference to be even better than last 2 years highly-rated event!

Here’s five reasons it should be on your to-do list:

  1. One Unique Team Concept

The mission of this conference is to break the silos that exist in a patient’s orthopaedic journey. This is the only conference that brings in speakers that represent players from across the episode: orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, healthcare executives, anesthesiologists, patients, digital health experts and futurists. In the same vein, we expect surgical teams to attend and take this opportunity to learn from each other and work toward better patient outcomes together. This worked well at last year’s conference where 40% of the participants were part of a hospital team.

  1. Two Innovative Cadaveric Workshops
    On Friday there are 2 cadaveric workshops that will focus on innovative surgical orthopedic procedures and US based regional anesthesia. Plenty of opportunity to experience new devices and surgical techniques as well the most innovative regional anesthesia techniques.
  2. Three Ambulatory Boot Camps
    Orthopedic spines are heading to the outpatient area and we need to get ready. The first bootcamp will focus on the concept of fee for value in the ambulatory environment and will include practical approaches aught by all the stakeholders. The second bootcamp will focus on the nuts and bolts of building and maintaining an Orthopaedic ambulatory center and the third book camp will focus on building an enhanced recovery model for the patients who are undergoing ambulatory surgery.
  1. Four Complementary Tracks
    To be successful in the world of fee-for-value, one needs to understand all the clinical, financial and operational aspects of this new developing world. This is the ONLY conference that offer three complementary parallel tracks that the various stakeholders can attend! We choose the 4th track, ambulatory, to be held on Friday with no other programing at the same time because of the high interest in this concept.
  2. Five Times the Networking
    Each day offers four opportunities for networking, including breakfast, lunch and two breaks for exchanging best practices and comparing notes. Plus, a free meet and greet wine networking reception on Saturday night will offer a relaxed atmosphere to share insights from day one.

  3. A Six-Star Speaker Lineup
    The agenda has 38 world-class, interdisciplinary speakers. Ortho experts include speakers such as Alexander R. Vaccaro, President and Surgeon-in-Chief at Rothman Institute Orthopedics; Joseph Iannotti, Chair at Cleveland Clinic, Kevin Bozic, Chair at Dell School of Medicine and Tony Romeo from the Rothman Institute of New York. The Executive leaders include individuals such as the CMO of Humana, CMO of Optum, COO of Rothman, Vice Chancellor of UC Davis and others.

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